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Kopaonik mountain

Protected National Park, known also as “the Sunny Mountain”, Kopaonik is the most famous skiing resort in the region and a habitat of numerous rare species of flora and fauna.

Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia. It extends from the northwest to the southeast for 80 km, and has a width of around 40 km in the middle.

One section of the mountain is a protected zone of the National Park Kopaonik, that by the number of endemic species represents one of the most significant centers of biodiversity of endemic flora in Serbia. At the same time this is one of the largest skiing centers in the country.

This mountain range was named after the mineral wealth that had been exploited even before the time of Romans. Mines abounding in silver were widely known, and in the medieval Serbia this precious metal was considered to be the most precious among other metals. The early data on Kopaonik can be found in old scripts, and it is mentioned as: Caponi, Coponich, Coparenich, Copono…

Thanks to developed tourist center with modern hotels and services, Mt. Kopaonik is one of the largest and most visited mountain tourist centers in the country. Kopaonik has sub alpine climate and around 200 sunny days a year, thus the name “the Sunny Mountain”.

Nevertheless, snow coverage lasts from November to May. Kopaonik has first class skiing trails for alpine and Nordic skiing both for beginners and experienced skiers.

The mountain is covered with a white blanket of snow more than six months a year. Nevertheless, most skiing trails are equipped with artificial snow-making system. There is also a special trail for night skiing.

The center has a unique system of cable-cars and ski-lifts. Ski service and rent of ski equipment are at visitors’ disposal at any time.

Its highest peak is the Pančić’s peak that is 2,017 meters above sea level.

The mausoleum of the famous Serbian naturalist Josif Pančić, after whom it was named, is located at the Pančićev peak. The archaeological site “Nebeske stolice” (English: Sky chairs), where once stood an old Christian basilica, is located just beneath the Pančićev peak.

The tourist center Kopaonik opens its doors to visitors during warmer period of year as well and it has become one of favorite destinations for relaxation and recreation.

Rich offer includes hiking and cycling tours, school of tennis, basketball and horse riding. Numerous sport courts in Kopaonik are used by top sportsmen and Serbian national teams, but even you can play a match or two at these courts.

Kopaonik has two cold mineral water springs “Krčmar” and “Marine vode”. The slopes of Mt. Kopaonik abound in thermo-mineral springs, thus no wonder that famous spas such as Jošanička spaLukovska spa and Kuršumlijska spaare located near Mt. Kopaonik.

Numerous cultural and historical monuments dating back from the 12th to the 15th century contribute to its exceptional beauty. Kopaonik is surrounded by numerous cultural and historical monuments such as monasteries and churches – GradacPavicaStudenicaŽiča and Sopoćani.

The magnificent medieval city of Ras is located at the foot of the mountain, together with the fortified cities of ZvečanKoznik and Maglilč, creating a unique cultural and historical complex.

Mt. Kopaonik was declared a National Park in 1981 and one of the most important centers of biodiversity and fauna.


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In the winter besides the ski slopes for beginners and experts try the combination of parachuting and skiing, mulled wine in a log cabin on a long winter night, and after that crazy fun in cafes.

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The open Ski Feast event with unforgettable games challenges, competitions and socializing is held in March. And don’t miss the “Blueberry Days” in July.

This tour is being organized with at least 2 sleepovers + optional bike tour

The tours are being organized for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people.

Other activities (walks, mountain biking, shooting) can be organized.

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Kopaonik centar - Pajino preslo - Karaman greben - Jaram - Metodje - Brzeće - Waterfall Jelovarnik (5-6h with return trip)

Kopaonik centar - Gobelja - Semetesko Jezero - Kraljevi čardaci - Suvo rudište (5-6h with return trip)

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