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Valjevo region mountains





mountains of the Valjevo region

Povlen is a mountain in western Serbia which is located about 30 kilometers southwest of Valjevo. It consists of multiple peaks, of which the three most important are: Mali Povlen (1301 meters), Middle Povlen(1301 meters) and Big Povlen(1271 meters). It belongs to the mountain range of Valjevo.

The mountains aren’t very tall, the highest point Mali Povlen reaches 1347 meters, but they are hardly passable and pose a challenge to mountain climbers,adventurers and to all the lovers of nature alike. Thick forests and deep river canyons pose as paths that lead to small villages hidden by forests. At the canyon Trešnjica under Povlen there is the bird Beloglavi sup to whom that is, beside the canyon of the river Uvac, the only reliable shelter in these parts.

Mountain Medvednik is situated not very far from the city of Valjevo ( about 30 kilometers) and it is above 1247 meters above sea level. It is placed in the middle of the mountain range from Drina on the west over Gučevo,Boranje,Jagodnje and Sokolska planina and continues the range of the Valjevo mountains which start with medvednik on the west(1247 meters above sea level), Jablanik(1274 meters above sea level), Povljen(highest point: 1347 meters above sea level), Maljen(” Kraljev sto”, 1104 meters above sea level), and it ends with Suvobor and Rajac in the east.

Divčibare is a suburb and a known mountain-tourism location of the city of Valjevo in the Kolubarska county on the mountain of Maljen. By the documents from 2011 there were 141 total residents.

It is situated 38 kilometers(24 miles) south of Valjevo, and 107 kilometers(66 miles) from Belgrade. It is a mountain side ranging from Crni vrh, Pablje, Golubac to Veliko brdo. It is 980 meters above sea level, the peak is on 1104 meters above sea level.

River Gradac is the glistening jewel of western Serbia who with her beautiful green colors shows her purity. It’s the cleanest river in Serbia, and is belived to be one of the cleanest in all of Europe. The river Gradac is a true gem of this region because of her beauty, because it gives it the cleanest drinking water. Here you are going to feel like a part of nature, and the sounds of the river something that is going to make you want to keep coming back.

Mountain Jablanik, which is situated northwest of Povlen, presents a Dinar mountain already by the fact that it spans the northwest-southeastern path. The highest point is 1274 meters high. Jablanik’s flora is very rich, there are lush beech forests up to the almost the top of the mountain, with the trees up to 30 meters tall! On the other hand, there is no wild fruit in the forests of jablanik, which cover almost all the other parts of the neighboring Povlen area.

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