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River Danube

The Danube river depicts all the beautiful varieties and complexity of Serbia. The Danube has always been an integral part of our history. For centuries the Danube, the second largest river in Europe, has been the border between Serbia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, at the same time dividing symbolically the East and the West.

Today, this mighty river connects people rather than divides them. The Danube flows through ten countries, and mighty ancient fortresses and big modern cities on its banks make it one of the most desirable cruising destinations in Europe. Cruising on the Danube in Serbia visitors can see seven large fortresses and some of the most beautiful cities in Serbia.

The Danube originates in Schwarzwald (the Black Forest) in Germany at the confluence of the rivers Breg and Brigach, and it flows into the Black Sea in Romania. It is a part of the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal.

In Serbia it flows from the border with Croatia and Hungary to the border with Romania and Bulgaria, 588 kilometers total. Entire section of the Danube in Serbia is navigable and it flows through the two largest cities and tourist centers in our country – Belgrade and Novi Sad.

In Vojvodina, the Danube is a part of the Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal built as a protection from floods and as an irrigation system. This canal offers some beautiful boat rides, and it is an attractive destination for everyone who loves fishing and is eager for good catch.

If you decide for the Danube cruise, you will enjoy the unique mixture of cultural and historical landmarks and beautiful nature.

From modern cities to ancient fortresses, this river also flows through two national parks – Fruška Gora and Djerdapcreating the largest gorge in Europe – the Đerdap Gorge. This monumental National Park is home to numerous species of plants and animals, and it is the right destination for everyone looking for peaceful and relaxing holiday in untouched nature far from large cities.

For centuries the Danube has been the border between empires and nations and the numerous fortresses on its banks testify of our turbulent history.

Following the course of the Danube through Serbia from west to east, fortresses line up one after another – BačPetrovaradinBelgradeSmederevoRamGolubac and Fetislam. By discovering these historical landmarks, hearing legends and stories about these places, you will learn about our history.

There are also two hydropower plants “Đerdap I” and “Đerdap II” built on the Danube. The first hydropower plant was built in 1972 in cooperation with Romania and it is still fully functional.

The tour is being organized with at least one sleepover.

The tours are being organized for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people.

Other activities (walks, mountain biking, shooting) can be organized.

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(Meal) Čerević - Sremski karlovci (Sleepover) - Čerević - Sremski karlovci

Locations of the national parks in which the tours are being organized.

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